Meeting at 2020 Sherwood Drive, The Cineplex Galaxy Theatre in Sherwood Park Mall | Sunday 10:00 am

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I was about to make some major decisions in my life when God intervened in a powerful way. Where I worked, I noticed that one of my co-workers was not like other guys my age. He didn’t want to smoke, drink, or party like I did. Instead he invited me to his home to get to know his family and then invited me to his church. I discovered through the help of my friend that God had all the answers to all the questions in my life. Two weeks after being at Lifespring Church I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. Soon after this, God delivered me from a depression that had haunted me for years and began to reveal to me my new identity in Christ. I have since graduated from Bible School and I continue to pursue God’s design for my life in the ministry and in the market place.
Brendan, Youth Ministries
I moved to Sherwood Park from England and struggled to find a church where I would fit in. I had only been saved for a few years and I needed to be in an environment that would encourage my spiritual growth, and not judge me for the parts of me that Christ is still working on. I felt at home at Lifespring Church as soon as I walked through the doors, and the love and support I continue to receive enables me to keep growing in my walk with Christ. I’ve discovered that it is not about what I can get from my church that matters, but whether I am given the opportunity to give back!
Tina, Media Arts
My wife was dying of cancer. I didn’t know what to do, or where to turn for help, until one of my son’s friends came over one day and told me that his dad could help me. He said that they just lived down the street, and his dad would be happy to come and pray for my wife. So, we invited him over. I was so thankful for the support and care we received that night. Jesus gave us the strength and grace we needed as we walked those final days together with the secure hope of heaven. My neighbour invited us to church and it was through the challenges of my wife’s illness that I discovered my Lifespring Church family. Since becoming a part of the church, I have needed to face more personal storms, but I have found that God’s grace and love are more than enough to get me through.
John, Home Team/Children's Ministries